Sunday, 24 October 2010

iPhone 4 VS Blackberry. The result.

After all my talk about wanting to be an Apple fan girl , I went out and bought a Blackberry.

Mission:  Buy the iPhone 4
Technique: Cash in Hand
Special instructions: Keep old prepaid number, or cheapest postpaid contract.
Result: Mission Failed

Don't get me wrong! I desperately wanted the iPhone 4, it was going to be one of those purchases that was going to change my life forever and make everything seem perfectly fine, like a new pair of shoes.

I had been tormenting myself for months thinking about which phone would be the best purchasing decision to make.

To me:

Apple = Creative ,Cool, geeky (which we now know means cool to me) , tech savvy, original,  reliable, MONEY.
Blackberry = Professional, dull, smart (British meaning) , connectivity, BBM, Dull, dull ,dull, reliable, does the job.

What happened was this, I went in there with one goal in hand, to buy the iPhone 4.

I went to the Du stand first, all happy and perky with 3000AED  that I had saved tucked carefully away in my hand bag. (I had  a friend working there and was hoping she could give me a really good deal) turns out I needed my passport photocopy AND a salary certificate to prove that I earn more than AED 3000 a month. Obviously I don't go running around with spare copies of my passport lying around, let alone salary certificates, so, disappointed, i trudged along to the next stand.

Then I went to Jackey's (They had a deal with Etisalat so I could save around 300AED) , at Jackey's I needed my Passport photocopy PPC (again) AND i needed to pay by credit card (which I dont have and don't plan on having), I could've cried I was so excited to get it and start playing around with it.

Eventually, feeling really downtrodden, I glanced at the Blackberries. The sales lady instantly pounced and told me that the bold 9700 only cost 1599 AED. Grudgingly, I asked what documents I needed to buy it, the lady said that If  I had my PPC then i could get a another phone with it as a freebie. I said no, I JUST want the phone. No contract, I want my prepaid number and I want etisalat to credit my account with 185 AED a month.

Sure! The lady says... well I can be really indecisive and I wasn't going to go back to GITEX and I couldn't make a purchasing decision like that on the spot, especially after all my months of decision making.

So I went home.

And I thought, you know what, I need a smartphone now and it's so much easier to buy a Blackberry. (I am An Advertising Sales Executive and I am constantly on the road and often need to check my emails or a location map).

I headed down to Virgin Megastores, and buying it was so easy, I could afford to buy a car charger and a bb case, as well as go get my hair done. At the end of the day, because the buying process was so easy, I bought the Blackberry.

I'll be buying the iPhone 4 once they sell it without an obligatory contact !!! (and no I dont want to buy an unlocked phone)


  1. *Gasp*

    You bought a Blackberry?!


    Just order your iPhone from Apple store UK online store. All you need is a credit card :)

    You can sync your email accounts to your iPhone btw, and it works as good as a BB, via Push technology.

    Come to the light lol

  2. SHAME on me shame!!!
    I shall buy the Iphone 4 I will prevail!

    I don't have a credit card! Lol I'll just have to find someone who won't mind! Thanks for the help!