Wednesday, 18 November 2009

UAE launches campaign to tackle diabetes pandemic

Dubai: The UAE on Wednesday launched a multi-million-dirham campaign against diabetes, specifically targeting mothers, in a bid to halt the pandemic which the minister of health said will take years to contain.

Dr Hanif Hassan, Minister of Health, said the ministry is working with Johnson & Johnson, which he said is a "wonderful example of public and private sector cooperation to serve the community".

He said 24 per cent of the UAE population (1.4 million people) suffers from diabetes. "There are so many patients in hospitals suffering from other complications from the disease," he said, adding that the government spends a "huge amount of money" on treatment of diabetics.

The Cabinet has approved the ministry's suggestion that 2009 be the year to fight diabetes, the minister said. "We need to educate and make people aware of the disease," he said. The slogan of the campaign is ‘Learn, Prevent, Control'.

The minister said researchers are needed and the ministry is looking and learning from international good practices.

Wim Boogaerts, Chairman of Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust - Middle East, said the "Healthy Family" initiative is being funded for three years.

"Walkathons and giving out free T-shirts is good, but it is the day after that counts," he said. "You need something sustainable." He said that it is not the doctors and nurses, but people at home who can make a big impact on lifestyle choices.

He said as early screening is important, it will start at schools and then continue in shopping malls and companies. The executive said as part of the strategy doctors and nurses will be trained on the management of diabetes.

He said the Juvenile Diabetes Education Centre, which was established last year in the Dubai Healthcare City has helped people manage and live with the disease

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Just last year, Outdoor advertising grew fastest, while print advertising came second and advertisements on television came third, according to Abdul Rehman Falaknaz, president of Falak Holding and international expo consultants.

The UAE Ad world was expanding its growth by 22%!

but thnx to those *Swear word plural* who helped speed up Mr Recession, it's now dropped by 14% according to the Pan Arab Research Center (PARC).

The drop was led by advertising in the property and financial services markets, which declined 60 per cent and 46 per cent respectively compared with last year. Advertising spending in the first quarter dropped 26 per cent in Arabic newspapers and 23 per cent in English newspapers. Magazines recorded a 4 per cent drop.

Another reason why it might have dropped is probably because...oh i dunno ... mayyyyybe its cuz no one's paying up! According to the IAA Advertising and media agencies operating in the UAE are owed about $150 million from the public and private sectors.

But the ADCCI seem to have a positive outlook expecting an 8% Increase...

Roller coaster ride anyone?$150_mln/Article.htm

Ad Medium Sence?

So Dubai thinks they can cut down their Ad budgets by using cheaper or free-er outlets like the Radio and PR press releases... Well it doesn't always work like that!

Different media vehicles tailor different audiences, different needs and different outcomes!

Fine. The success rates of most companies arent going up, but they aren't dropping either. I think people should give advertising more credit!

On another note... did you know that PR is 7 times more trusted than Advertising and that it's 4x more effective? *Insert swear word hear*

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The new drive has the slogan “For Responsible and Committed Health Adverts”

Now the MOH (Ministry of Health) has really had enough!

They've decided to fight back... through campaigns

And they want the public to help them...hmmm

They don't want people to be decived by health related ads
(maybe these people should think before they bu y stuff and put s**T into their bodies)
The public should be educated as well in my opinion,

"In January this year the council began implementing its new system for licensing [Complementary and Alternative Medicine Council (CAM)]CAM professionals as part of its efforts to ensure high standards of health care."


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UAE tightens up advertising rules

The UAE National Media Council has joined the debate on medical advertising.

A warning against misleading medical advertisements has been issued

The Ministry of Health must now approve all health care advertisements

(aka. More paper work and more delays for everyone)

UAE firms need to adopt international advertising standard

*All this has been copy-pasted from the linked website* ;)

Copyright and regulation laws need to be adopted by firms in the UAE

Omar Kfoury, buying executive for OMD, said the fact that the IAA congress is being held in Dubai is proof that it has advanced in the media industry into becoming a hub.

The challenge for the UAE industry is to adapt to the local mentality. But on the whole, the industry is moving in the right direction, he said.

The most effective advertising is outdoor. Kfoury explains that this is due to the fact that people spend most of their time on the roads.

(YEAH! Stuck in TRAFFIC! ) ='(

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

MTV arabia ads

Hahaha what a wonderful idea!

This touches upon cultural differences in the Middle east when it come to greeting styles (kissy-style-greetings)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Please fill this in!

Hey people!

I have to get this survey filled out

Its about Drivers and Driving campaigns in the U.A.E

Can you help please? it only takes a couple of mins


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Long time!

Wow, it's been aaaaaaaaaaaages since i've last posted anything.
It's my last semester at AUS and i'll be graduating in may/june (hopefully!)
So yea! Taking loads of interesting courses. Intro to photography, history and development of Jazz, Astronomy, mass comm research methods (ugh), and Production.

So ill be trying to incorporate all of those into my ad brain. Lol

Oh and Guess what!? I'm Google-able! (so ok it's mostly on this blog) But it counts! =-D im the only Yasmin Khrais on google! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay The first!