Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Twitter fun facts!

Here are some twitter facts thanks to , or

1.      Focus on retweets
2.      Don’t practice tweet poaching
3.      70% of retweets contain a link
4.      retweets with a hashtag are more likely to be retweeted
5.      Retweet the classics – classic stories that hold up
6.      Their highest tweet day is Wednesday
7.      Retweet days are Monday & Wednesday
8.      highest # of retweets are from 2:15pm to 3:30pm EST
9.      #1 Twitter city is London
10.  ABO – always be optimizing
11.  troll friends of competitors – if they are following them then they may be interested in your content too
12.  scout hashtag & trends
13.  contest & giveaways are heavily retweeted
14.  put tweet it buttons everywhere
15.  Retweet buddies & ask them to do the same
16.  RT’ers track them & thank them
17.  Keep score and remember to retweet friends
18.  one offs “payback” retweets at odd hours
19.  Dell did $6.5 million on Twitter last year, so it is viable for sales
20.  do some automated tweets, but click throughs are less
21.  quick tricks = traffic
22.  a little extra effort = quality traffic
23.  Drive engagement:
bland- what did you think of Avatar?
Better – was Avatar overhyped?

Interesting stuff! I know it's difficult to remember all of this , and there's may more! You can check out the original blog posting by clicking on the title of the post , or the link at the top of this post.

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