Monday, 20 September 2010

Long live the printed word!

Lets stick to books for now.

I read books constantly, i practically devour them and can never get enough. Now you all know my secrect.... I am a bookworm. AND IM PROUD!

Personally, one of the joys of reading is the tactile sentation of the printed word in your hand. Being able to curl up with a book at night before you go to bed, hearing nothing but the rustle of the pages as you turn to the next page. The scent of a freshly opened book, the collection of colours and shapes and sizes of the books on your shelf.

You can NEVER get that with e-books! I don't CARE that there are tablets everywhere to hold on to, or the the library will be replaced with an e-library. It's just not the same. I don't like the blaring of the backround light. It is NOT enjoyable.

Print will not die, as long as the are people in the world like me who enjoy sitting down with a good book, staring aimlessly at monthly magazines or playing suduko on the newspaper.

Print will live.

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