Wednesday, 22 September 2010

3D Viewing: not special anymore

Why is 3D viewing becoming so popularly infamous?

Everyone around me has been complaining that almost all the movies now are coming out in 3D, everywhere we go we're bombarded by 3D Ready TVs or 3D TVs and get 3D glasses shoved in our faces to enjoy this vomit inducing form of entertainment.

Yes, people actually get 3D Sickness (Motion Sickness) watching these things. 5% of the US population to be exact. Not to mention that all visually impaired eye-glass wearing humans are forced to put the 3D glasses on TOP on their own eye-glasses. (I must admit they're trying to fix the Motion sickness with some special 3D glasses)

Even Nintendo is coming up with a new portable video gaming console that allows you to play everything in 3D (though i don't think you have to wear glass).

Personally, I remember being terribly excited on the way to a 3D movie and having gloated to my friends about how cool i was. (i was probably 13 then so leave me alone haha).

I want 3D to be special again!

What do you guys think? Am i being a bit purist? or does everyone just LOVE 3D?


  1. I for a fact will try avoiding any 3D movies till the end of the year. Being both a waste of my time and food, yes i have barfed afterward. I just wish there were less 3D movies to watch, making me fell less left out on the numbing experience.

  2. Good luck with that! As long as there are still 3D and Non 3D versions of films we should be safe.......for now!

  3. Actually you have movies nowadays that are made-for-3D experience, such as the latest Resident Evil movie.
    I am not a big fan or 3D movies, as long as we have the option, as you said, I think we're ok. But it's good to experience it once in your lifetime at least.
    I think the biggest mistake that companies such as Sony and Samsung made recently was to introduce their 3D LED screens because I think it's a fad. 3D is more enjoyable when watched on the big movie theatre screen. Moreoever, wearing a special 3d goggles at home? Really? It becomes a headache after a while..

  4. I completely agree with you, it will probably be a fad... or just sometihng very few people own. 3D ready tvs will probably sell better.

    But we never know how the Invisible hand is gonna work out in the next 5 Years!