Monday, 20 September 2010

Hot enough to fry an egg?

Have you ever wanted to try out how hot the hood of your car really is with that cartoon tried test of frying an egg of the hood of your car?

Well, The national has reported that a campaign was launched yesterday, that is part of the RTAs initiative to get people out of their cars and into the metro.

They had planted realistic looking eggs (Sunny side up) on to the hood of around 3500 cars around Dubai Media City. With temperatures going above 50 degress celcius it wouldnt be too hard to believe!

“Basically, we want to get people who drive cars thinking of public transport – and the Metro specifically. The idea we’re placing is that it is so hot right now you can fry an egg on your car.”

Ambient advertising for the win!

Image and story compliments of (Click on the title for the original article)


  1. But if I looked at an egg on the hood of my car, I wouldnt make the connection. I'd probably try to eat it. What else is there to support it? It's a really cool idea though.

  2. According to the national

    "The small lettering on the egg white read: “It’s a cool 20°C on the Metro”."

    I guess if you were freaked out enough you'd check an then eventually make the connection. Also, this was in Dubai Media City so a lot work collegues will be going on about the weird eggs on their cars the next day. (I guess)

    I wonder how I would've reacted if i thought people were frying eggs on my car!