Monday, 4 August 2008



Well i've been trying SO hard to figure out how to 'advertise" my blog.

I can't PAY to advertise it cuz i don't have (and dont want to have) a card that'll give me that option.

The grapevine isn't working so well because people in the UAE dont blog far as i know.

Even putting it on my c.v. hasn't earned me any brownie points =(

My MOTHER doesn't even check out my blog ... =(

I've tried posting on other people HOPING someone would click
and i've tried putting advertising on my blog through adsense.. and even THAT didn't work.!

Me no know what to doooo =''''''(

I'm getting demotivated =(


  1. Well, a few tips to maximise getting people:

    Join community blogs - like UAE community blog.

    Use tools like technorati and other blog-database engines.

    Make sure you've chosen to show your blog feed and that you're listed on google and other search engines. Also make sure that you're activated to let other sites ping you when you've updated a new post.

    Keep posting. People like coming to sites that update frequently.

    Be patient. Growing readers to your blog takes time :)

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Hey yasmin, Mars is right. Because of posting in the UAE community blog I found your blog. Just wanted to say that I passed by your blog and read it. I agree with Mars, keep posting in popular blogs and be patient. People will come sooner or later...
    Good luck :)

  3. Thank you so much guys! I'll t my very best!


  4. Yeah Yasmin... see... posting on popular blogs works :-)

    A warm hello from

  5. Hehe Thank you all so very much =D!

  6. Im Intrested mena contact me

  7. Ive been following ur blog for years, honest!

    Wish u all the best,