Thursday, 31 July 2008

Web VS. Print Design

(Collected from a bunch of websites)

If you’re used to print FORGET what you know

The Difference between web and print design:


Print design is 2-dimensional
Web design is
1-dimensional and N-dimensional.


In print:

it’s just a matter of turning pages

In web:
Hypertext navigation is a major component of web design, requiring decisions like:

  • Appearance of links
  • Making it easy for user to move around the site(telling them how to get somewhere and wher e a link will take them)
  • Visualization of the user's location
  • IA- Information Architecture

Response Time, Resolution, and Canvas Size

In Print:

  • Doesn’t need to be fast. It’s on paper (duh)
  • Pictures need to be in extremely high resoloution.
  • Has to be large enough for people to see without straining themselves.

In Web:

  • Bandwidth fast enough to download a Web page
  • screen resolution sharp enough to render type crisply
  • huge screens the size of a newspaper spread

Multimedia Interactivity

can stun the reader with high-impact visualization

Allows interactivity, which makes it more engaging for the users.

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  1. Print:
    Hard to monitor impact

    Instant understanding of the impact on target audience using things like heatmaps, clickthrough rates, cookies, and all the other tracking technology available today.