Monday, 14 July 2008

My Fifth Week @ Flip

This picture only shows about a fifth of the people working here (There are about 50 people working at flip)

As you can see from the title,it's been five weeks since i've been at Flip Media.

I actually really like it here, you don't have to be uptight and proper like in most advertising/interactive agencies, you don't have to immerse yourself purely in your own "tasks" , you don't have to worry (too much) about the way to talk to or address people. You can wear whatever you want, ask for help or to give help to/from others, and you can speak to everyone as peers.

And, unlike many other companies in the U.A.E. they have a proper naming/ filing / work system to follow. Which, in my opinion, is on of the main base reasons behind their success.

They also follow MBWA (Management by walking around) in which the CEO allows us to speak to him freely and even sits with the employees to do his work instead of doing it in his glass enclosed office.

They also give people good chances at working here, they train you and give you minor jobs until you understand the system enough to do a major task.

I like it here, i like the people and the way everyone works together. They have also been extremely understanding when my car broke down twice (which made me late for work) and when i overslept (late again) and when i took a day off to sort out my car.
I don't know if i'm going to be punished but so far they seem fine about it.

I really like the atmosphere and work ethic they have here, and i hope to work here once i graduate.

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