Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Last week at Flip

So this is my last week at Flip =( on thursday it'll be Two months since i've been here and i'm sad to go.

There's still so much more that i wanted to learn!

I've learnt i lot of useful tips and tricks on photoshop (like shortcut keys, and actually USING layers and then keeping them organized in their respective group folders)

I've learnt ALOT about websites are Designed,built and created.

I really really don't wanna leave, but hopefully they'll hire me again once i graduate.

And even though i much prefer print over web i still enjoy it and the fact that i still have TONS to learn makes me wanna continue working here.

Well anyways... =(


  1. Working at Flip sounds like fun. Good guys there.

  2. Yea, it's loads of fun. The people are really nice, they have a lovely working environment there.