Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Online shopping in the UAE

75% of UAE internet users avoid online shopping because they believe it is "unsafe" and "too risky acc. to Symantec

Most of the online users that do shop online do so without proper security procedures, but the UAE has the highest rate of Online Shopping compared to other Pan Arab Countries.

I think that internet users in the UAE need to be informed on the dangers and advantages of online shopping and need to be able to differentiate between Trusted and Non-Trusted websites otherwise emerging e-commerce sites Such as will have great losses
(Please note the i have previously typed thanks to MA for his/her comment => )


  1. Hey
    i checked souk .com doesnt exist, i was thrilled to see which has cool products :)


  2. Hey thanks for that, you got the right one, i had a typo i'll correct it now. =)