Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A "fake" website

The otherday i was ckecing my Facebook account and found that i had three similar messages in my inbox that went something like this:

hey pplz...A web site that is willing to pay 50$ for just registering, and also 1$ for each person you invite and join....its really amazing :D.... please register before 31/3 by clicking the following linkwww.diabian1.dubaimlm.complz ppl do it for me ill appreciate it a lot..LOVE U ALL....its only gna take 2 mnts..n we both profit from it..when u register i get 50$ n u do too..THX...

Of course it seemed too good to be true, HONESTLY... DUBAI? giving away money?! No way!

So i went to check out this website here's what it looked like:
A few things to note:
Poor design, ugly banner ads, bad layout.... among others.
I would rather be caught dead than send an email begging people to log on to this website so that i can make money.
But let me tell you one thing, im sure they ended up with a huge traffic count! Dubai has bad traffic even online =P
Well anyways, you can check it out for yourselves if you have nothing else better to do.

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