Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A popular Egyptian Blog

Wael Abbas, a humanitarian, decided to create a blog to report on all the indecent acts going on in Egypt that the government continuosly tries to cover up. He reported on how corrupt the Egyptian police force is through, Abuse, Rape and Torture. He reports on all the unfairness of horrible and gruesome things, such as acts of violence and political indiscrepancies, going on in the Middle East.

He's won several awards such as:

  • 2007 - The Knight international journalism award

  • 2007 - The CNN Middle East Person of the Year

  • 2006 - The BBC Most Influential Perosn

  • 2006 - Egyptains against corruptian award (Masryeen dud Al Fasad)

He sells Ad space on his blog and has posted videos on Yahoo and YouTube of some of these acts that he's caught or managed to find on Camera. However, YouTube and Yahoo have suspended both of his accounts so that he has lost most of this coverage

You can watch a YouTube video of him being interviewed by CNN

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