Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Vintage cigarette ads

    SBT Co. Ltd has come up with a fantastic invention called the E-Cigarette.
It's an electronic cigarette that actually tricks the brain into thinking you are smoking ...
The "end"of the cigarette is filled with nicotine, dosages of which you can increase or decrease, it even gives you a heating option, that increases the temperature of the end of the cigarette. 

Interesting huh?

It was only a few decades ago (1920's onwards I believe) that advertisers were influencing women to smoke more. Telling them that it's cool, sexy and independent women that smoke (insert desired brand). (and telling men that they'll be manlier and more appealing to women if they smoke). They use lack of coughing, slimming down, celebrity endorsements, and flavors as incentives to attract potential and current smokers.

There are also ALOT of inappropriate sexual innuendos (entertaining too) ... just pointing them out! 

I've collected the following images from Google images:

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