Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Online shopping increases in the UAE

So, two years ago i published this post -->

Which basically talks about how 75% of online users are un-trusting of online shopping.

Well the UAE has come a VERY long way in a very short time --->

Respondents in the UAE are becoming more comfortable with shopping on the internet, with 52% of the respondents having stated that it is convenient to shop online in 2009 versus 47% in 2008. Furthermore, 54% of the respondents stated that it is easier to shop online in 2009 versus 52% in 2008.

How cool is that?

On the other hand, my brother (yes i have a brother and he's awesome) has been purchasing games online (PS3 games i think) for about a year now.
Poor guy, the first time he tries purchasing men's wear online from an international reputable website he looses a good amount of money from the bank and has never seen his new clothes since....

My mum on the other hand has been purchasing items online (like airline tickets) from sites such as Amazon and ebay for the past three years at least and has never had a problem (besides late delivery)

Personally. I have never purchased online and I'm still hesitant!

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  1. Really? I purchase from souq.com (never an international websites, I don't like giving out credit card details) all the time and it's great! You get all sorts of things at ridonkulously cheap prices!
    Look at that! MAC eyeshadow for 45 bucks and 10 bucks for shipping! The only thing that's stopping me is the lack of a steady income! :)